Wednesday, April 5, 2017

65% energy lost before wheel turns on electric car

sciencedirect: "The WTW efficiency for EVs running electricity derived from a stationary power plant is shown in Fig. 4. Natural gas from the pipeline is fed into the stationary power plant, which has an electrical generating efficiency that depends on the type of power plant. The electricity is then distributed to the grid, where it is subject to T&D losses resulting in a WTP efficiency of between 28% and 45% depending on the power plant technology. Electricity is transferred to the EV via a charging station, which is on the order of 85–95% efficiency. The battery-to-wheel efficiency of an EV over a drive cycle can range from about 79 to 91% depending on how regenerative breaking is accounted for [41]. This gives an overall WTW efficiency of between 22% and 35%."

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