Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Renewable society would spend 3 times as much for energy

Questioning “Our Renewable Future” – Resilience: "It would obviously be impossible to pay out anything like 29% of GDP for energy. Hall and Klitgaard (2014) find that when energy expenditure remains above about 5.5% of US GDP for some time recession occurs. In other words far lower assumptions than have been made in this exercise would have to be true before the costs arrived at could be affordable. And all this is for Australia, which has possibly the most favourable renewable energy conditions in the inhabited world. "
There are a lot of problems with renewables.
  • Jevons (whole human race must be in on it)
  • They depend on fossil fuel
  • They use up declining resources
  • Some pollute
  • They promote growth 
  • They cost more
  • They distract from the need for degrowth

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