Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What is wrong with biofuels? Comments on

Peak Oil News
The biggest problem that humanity faces is not running out of fuels, it is the results of continuing to burn them.
Turning the planet’s biosphere into even more fuels, just so that we can continue on the path that we are on, is a really bad idea. GregT 

Whatever happened to bio-fools? Well about ummm,….lets see.
A) They dont work
B) They are too expensive.
C) They don’t new deliver net energy(killer)
D) The production of Bio-fools is utterly dependant on OIL powered industrial-scale-ag.(closely related to C)
E) Neither Land or Water or fertilizer etc exist in sufficient quantities to make bio-fools remotely useful. If we were dumb enough to try, it would likely end industrial civilization. At least if attempted on the scales that would be required.
F) The fruitless pursuit of providing ‘fuel’ for private 4000 pound grocery fetchers using bio-fools is inherently and deeply flawed, regardless of all the other technical and financial flaws in trying to do so. IoW, its simply wrong.

Just like with supposed ‘renewable’ electric power generation. Fossil fuels are required to make all of the things that we hope to run with biofuels.
Free energy is a myth, it is tens of millions of years worth of stored solar energy that we are currently using to build everything. Current solar energy will never replace what it took the Earth to store in such a long period of time.
There is nothing that human beings can do to change this. We need to return back to living within the confines of the natural world, and we need to do this soon, or nature will remove us from IT’S future. GregT

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